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Hair coloring can cause skin irritation on certain individuals, so it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using it.

Please remember to keep the product away from children and store it in a cool and dry place, away from the direct light. It is not intended to dye eyelashes, eyebrows, beards or mustaches. You should immediately rinse your eyes in case of contact with the product.

For more information, read the FAQs on the FAQ page or read the leaflet cautions inside Herbatint package.



We have all done it before, decided we wanted a change and chopped off our long lushes locks. At first it’s great, but then we miss having all that hair! Or maybe our hair seems stuck, and won’t seem to grow any longer. Well we have some helpful tips to get those hairs growing! 

Don’t skip that trim!

Getting a regular trim every 6-8 weeks is crucial. It is tempting to skip your trim for many reasons but it will only create more breakage and split ends that creep up your hair shaft resulting in having to cut it off anyway! 


Protect those strands 

When we style our hair we tend to abuse it a little to get the perfect do. High heat causes breakage and halts growth. If you are styling your hair with heat, it is imperative to use a heat protectant. This will help keep those ends intact and promote growth without having to sacrifice your style!


Brush your hair, but not when wet!

Brushing your hair helps to stimulate blood supply to your scalp, remove dust and dirt, and distribute sebum along the hair shaft. All of this will help strengthen your hair and promote renewal. Hair is at its most fragile when it is wet, brushing it with anything other than a wide-tooth comb can cause breakage so remember never to brush your hair when wet.


It not just about what you put ON your hair

A healthy balanced diet will do wonders for hair growth. Healthy hair starts with what you put in your body and eating the right kinds of fats in your diet will help tremendously. Cells are coated in a fatty membrane, so growth can only begin when your diet is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, like avocados, nuts, olive oil and salmon. Protein is an essential component of healthy growth and is necessary to building new hair.  


Supplementing *

Sometimes we can’t always eat a balanced diet 100% of the time. When we can’t get enough of the essential nutrients we need through our diets it is important to know what supplements will help promote hair growth. Vitamin E is shown to improve blood flow which will promote a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy cells which will most likely stimulate hair growth. Vitamin C and collagen product go hand in hand. This major antioxidant will help fight off cellular damage and promote growth.


*Remember it is always important to consult a physician before taking supplements or dramatically changing your diet. 


Article by Olivia Stonner