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Hair coloring can cause skin irritation on certain individuals, so it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using it.

Please remember to keep the product away from children and store it in a cool and dry place, away from the direct light. It is not intended to dye eyelashes, eyebrows, beards or mustaches. You should immediately rinse your eyes in case of contact with the product.

For more information, read the FAQs on the FAQ page or read the leaflet cautions inside Herbatint package.



Everyone wants strong, shiny hair and to lose those brittle limp strands. Contrary to what many believe, what our hair looks like is not just about styling, shampoos, and conditioners. Just like your skin your hair is a reflection of your health and how you care for your body. 

Did you know that your hair’s daily growth is about 1/4 to 1/2mm? This means we can look at the hair as a timeline for how we are caring for ourselves and our mental state. Did you know that healthy strong hair can support up to 80g without snapping? Overall, the better our food choices are, nutrient intake, and the less stress in our lives, the healthier our hair is!


Taking care of your hair externally will no doubt benefit your hair. Using a gentle cleanser and a nourishing conditioner will of course help protect the hair. However, in order to strengthen the hair from the inside out it is important to get sufficient nutrients or all external treatments will be of little use. Diet is extremely important for hair growth. Introducing B vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, and silica to your diet will greatly improve your hair health and hair growth. 


TIP: It can take up to four months to notice a change in appearance of your hair when adding these nutrients to your diet. So stick with it and have patience. 


It is no surprise that having stress in your life can have negative effects on your physical and mental health. There is no exception for hair health unfortunately. This is because stress uses valuable nutrients that your hair needs to stay healthy, like Vitamin B. Find ways to help relax yourself and release stress, like yoga and exercise. Get outside and breath in fresh air, practice mediation or treat yourself to a massage. This will not only benefit your hair, but your overall health! 


TIP: Eat for hair health: Eggs, beans, nuts, dark leafy greens, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, oats, millet, and dried dates and raisins are all excellent for the condition of your hair.


 Article by Olivia Stonner